Baobab Collections

Designs available in Philippines:

Lodge fragrance Black Pearls
Lodge fragrance White Pearls
Lodge fragrance Kheops
Lodge fragrance Mykerinos Dark
Lodge fragrance Khephren Gold
Max10 Madagascar Vanilla BE
Max10 Masaai Spirit BE
Max 10 Serengeti Plains BE
Max 10 White Rhino BE
Max 10 Zanzibar Spices BE
Max One Black Pearls BE
Max 10 Black Pearls BE
Max 16 Madagascar Vanilla BE
Max 16 Masaai Spirit BE
Max 16 Serengeti Plains BE
Max 16 White Rhino BE
Max 16 Zanzibar Spices BE
Max 24 Madagascar Vanilla BE
Max 24 Masaai Spirit BE
Max 24 Serengeti Plains BE
Max 24 White Rhino BE
Max 24 Zanzibar Spices BE
Maxi Max Madagascar Vanilla BE
Maxi Max Masaai Spirit BE
Maxi Max White Rhino BE
Maxi Max Serengeti Plains BE
Maxi Max Zanzibar Spices BE
Max 16 Black Pearls BE
Max 24 Black Pearls BE
Maxi Max Black Pearls BE
Mini Max one Aurum BE
Max One Aurum BE
Max 10 Aurum BE
Max 16 Aurum BE
Max 24 Aurum BE
Maxi Max Aurum BE
Max 10 Zebrino BE
Max 10 Giraffina BE
Max 10 Black Panther BE
Max 16 Zebrino BE
Max 16 Giraffina BE
Max 16 Black Panther BE
Max 24 Zebrino BE
Max 24 Giraffina BE
Max 24 Black Panther BE
Max 10 Feathers BE
Max 16 Feathers BE
Max 24 Feathers BE
Maxi Max Feathers BE
Max 10 Warriors BE
Max 16 Warriors BE
Max 24 Warriors BE
Maxi Max Warriors BE
Bag Max 10 CN
Bag Max 16 CN
Bag Max 24 CN
Bag Max 08 CN
Lodge Sticks Black ID
Bag Lodge CN
MAX24PB Max 24 Black Pearls BE
MAX24MV Max 24 Madagascar Vanilla BE
MAX24ZS Max 24 Zanzibar Spices BE
DISPLAYBL1 Display Black One BE
DISPLAYBLT Display Black Trio BE
Exclusive box - All Seasons BE
Exclusive box - Pearls Prestigieuses Platine BE



Unit 465-466,
Level 4, Main Wing,
Shangri-La Plaza Mall,
Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City,
Metro Manila, 1550, Philippines